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Last Updated: 2018-07-06 10:54:18 PM
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Product Version Port / Protocol Username Default Password Impact Notes
DI-524 802.11g/2.46hz none none admin  
TDM-C500 101 ADSL     DEFAULT  
TEG-240WS (blank) admin Admin  
TEW 432BRP all versions none none Admin  
TEW-231brp default   Admin  
TEW-411BRP (Blank) admin Admin access  
TEW-432BRP (blank) (blank)    
TEW-432BRP   HTTP:// admin admin root nothing
TEW-432BRP admin admin    
TEW-432BRP 3.10b10 admin admin admin  
TEW-450APB     admin admin    
TEW-450APB C1.0R admin admin Admin user This is from the manual - the trendnet website advertises the default as which doesn't work.
TEW-452BRP admin admin    
TEW-510APB (blank) admin    
TEW-511BRP (blank) admin    
TEW-631BRP admin admin    
TEW-652BRP h/w:v3.2r 3.00b13 http: admin admin admin  
TEW-652BRP 2.00b34   none none S/N: C210226503821 H/W:V2.2R
TEW-671BR admin admin Admin  
TK1601R     (none) 0    
TK1602R     (none) 0    
TK801R     (none) 0    
TK802R     (none) 0    
TPL110AP admin admin    
TW100-BRF114 (none) (blank)    
TW100-BRV204     (blank) (blank)    
TW100-BRV304     (blank) (blank)    
TW100-S4W1CA admini admini admin  
TW100-S4W1CA (none) (blank)    

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