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Open Sez Me Title Open Sez Me! :: Default Passwords

Last Updated: 2018-07-06 10:54:18 PM
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Product Version Port / Protocol Username Default Password Impact Notes
      D8AA0 12345678    
585 7 192.168.254     admin  
782i Administrator CPE.hgw.12 Administrator Made in Macedonia! BaDxBoY
95124f WBR-2310     none none root
DCW725 Wireless Cable Gateway     (none) admin Admin  
DWG855     blank admin Admin  
SpeedTouch admin suadmin    
SpeedTouch 516 Most or http://speedtouch.lan Administrator (none) Admin  
SpeedTouch 530 (blank) (blank) Administration  
SpeedTouch 530 All (none) (none) Admin  
SpeedTouch 536 Administrator (blank) Administration  
SpeedTouch 536 Bigpond firmware or admin admin Admin Bigpond-issued devices
SpeedTouch 536 Most Administrator (none) Admin  
SpeedTouch 536 v6 Telstra firmware or admin admin Admin Telstra-issued devices
SpeedTouch 536 v6 Administrator (none) Admin  
SpeedTouch 546 or http://speedtouch.lan Administrator (blank) Administration  
SpeedTouch 570 All (none) (none) Admin  
SpeedTouch 576 1.7 blank blank admin  
SpeedTouch 580 Administrator (blank) Administration  
SpeedTouch 580 Most Administrator (none) 2012-01-08  
SpeedTouch 585 Administrator (blank) Administration  
Speedtouch 585 V6   Admin 23698    
SpeedTouch 780 WL SSID.SpeedTouchB        
SpeedTouch AP 180     n/a admin Admin  
SpeedTouch Home admin admin Administration  
SpeedTouch Home All (no default) (no default) Admin  
SpeedTouch Pro admin admin Administration  
SpeedTouch Pro 4-Port FW (none) (none) Admin  
SpeedTouch Pro 4-Port (none) (none) Admin  
SpeedTouch Pro All admin admin Admin  
SpeedTouch261A3E SpeedTouch585v6   administrator administrator    
SpeedTouch580 4.3.19 HTTP admin admin    
ST2030 All administrator 784518 Admin  
TCW-710     (none) admin Admin  
Technicolor TG587n v3 admin admin Admin 2012-01-08  
TG585 7 jalvarez pc2119 Poniente 29  
TG585 v7 Administrator (none) Admin  
TG782 none none admin  
TG782T All or or bigpond.bigpond admin (none) Admin Modem locked to Bigpond or Telstra
win 7 st780wl none none    

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