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Last Updated: 2018-07-06 10:54:18 PM
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Product Version Port / Protocol Username Default Password Impact Notes
2804wbr     admin admin    
2804WR   HTTP (none) smcadmin Admin  
7004FW   HTTP none none Admin  
7004VBR V.2 (none) smcadmin Admin
7204BRA   HTTP smc smcadmin web  
7204BRA   Multi smc smcadmin Admin  
7401BRA 1 HTTP admin barricade Admin  
7401BRA 2 HTTP smc smcadmin Admin  
7901W/BRA   HTTP admin smcadmin    
7901W/BRA   Multi admin smcadmin    
8014 Comcast   cusadmin highspeed Admin  
8014WG mso suddenlink top admin for suddenlink router
all models all versions cable   highspeed user  
Barricade 7004ABR     (none) 0 Admin  
Barricade 7004AWBR   Multi admin (none) Admin (WiFi AP)
Barricade 7004VBR V.2   (none) smcadmin Admin  
Barricade 7004VWBR   Multi (none) (none) Admin Connect to or
Barricade 7204BRB   HTTP admin smcadmin Admin  
Barricade Routers     Admin Barricade Admin  
Comcast Business Gateway     cusadmin highspeed    
dc-227v2 001 e.g.1.0,rev.a admin admin benvenuto  
Many models     admin smcadmin    
Modem/Router   HTTP cusadmin highspeed Customer Admin Comcast Commercial High Speed Modem model number 8013WG
Modem/Wireless Router cusadmin password root  
Router All HTTP admin admin Admin  
Router/Modem BR7401 Multi admin barricade Admin  
SMB2804WBR V2 Multi Administrator smcadmin Admin  
SMC broadband router   HTTP admin admin Admin  
SMC SMCD3G-CCR Comcast Business IP Gateway cusadmin Default15 (case sensitive) Full administration Hard reset does NOT put the password back to default in this model. Also: Best to allow the "Automatic" feature to set the CAT5 port speed and full/half-duplex mode.
SMC2304 Router     (blank) smcadmin    
SMC2304WBR-AG n/a smcadmin Administration  
SMC2404 Router     (blank) smcadmin    
SMC2552W-G admin smcadmin    
SMC2652W     (none) WLAN_AP    
SMC2652W     default WLAN_AP Admin  
SMC2655W (none) MiniAP    
SMC2755W Admin 5up    
SMC2804 Router     (blank) smcadmin    
SMC2804WBR   HTTP admin smcadmin Admin  
SMC2804WBR v.1 HTTP (none) smcadmin Admin  
SMC2804WBRP-G n/a smcadmin Administration  
SMC2804WBRP-G BARRICADE g none none house hold names  
SMC2804WR     (none) smcadmin    
SMC2870W admin smcadmin    
SMC2890W-AN admin (none)    
SMC7004AWBR     admin (none)    
SMC7004VBR n/a (blank) Administration  
SMC7204BRA     smc smcadmin    
SMC7204BRB     admin smcadmin    
SMC7401BRA     admin barricade    
SMC7901BRA (none) smcadmin Admin  
SMC7901BRA2 Admin smcadmin Admin  
SMC7901BRA2 admin smcadmin Admin  
SMC7901BRA5 1 admin      
SMC7904BRA n/a smcadmin Administration  
SMC7904BRA   Multi (none) smcadmin Admin  
SMC7904WBRA n/a smcadmin Administration  
SMC7904WBRA2 Admin smcadmin Admin  
SMC7904WBRA-N Admin smcadmin Admin  
SMC7904WBRAS-N2 admin smcadmin    
SMC7908VoWBRA n/a smcadmin Administration  
SMC8014 1B cusadmin password user Brighthouse CFL
SMC8014WG cusadmin password    
SMC8014W-G 2A cusadmin password Admin This is a Cable Modem / Wireless Router.
SMC8014WN unkown cusadmin password unkown Suddenlink supplied modem Multi SSID with WPA configurations available
SMCBR14UP n/a smcadmin Administration  
SMCBR14VPN n/a smcadmin Administration  
SMCBR18VPN n/a smcadmin Administration  
SMCBR24Q smcadmin smcadmin Administration  
SMCD3G-CCR cusadmin highspeed admin Comcast small business modem
SMCD3GN (none) (none)    
SMCD3GNV cusadmin highspeed    
SMCWBR11-G root smcadmin    
smcwbr14-3gn admin smcadmin    
SMCWBR14-G   HTTP n/a smcadmin Admin mentioned password (no passwd) on your webpage is wrong
SMCWBR14-G n/a smcadmin Administration  
SMCWBR14-GM n/a smcadmin Administration  
SMCWBR-14N admin smcadmin    
SMCWBR14-N2   http: Admin smcadmin Admin  
SMCWBR14S-N2 Admin smcadmin Admin  
SMCWBR14T-G n/a smcadmin Administration  
SMCWEBS-N admin smcadmin    
SMCWEBT-G n/a smcadmin Administration  
SMCWGBR14-N Admin smcadmin Admin  
wbr14-3gn admin 123465    
WiFi Router All HTTP n/a smcadmin Admin model #2804WBRP-G
wifi 1   administrator smcadmin admin a
Wireless Router 2655W 1.4h.9 HTTP None Needed MiniAP Initial Password  

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