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Last Updated: 2018-07-06 10:54:17 PM
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Product Version Port / Protocol Username Default Password Impact Notes
Anymedia   Console LUCENT01 UI-PSWD-01 Admin requires GSI software
Anymedia   Console LUCENT02 UI-PSWD-02 Admin requires GSI software
AP-1000     public public    
B-STDX9000     (any 3 chars) cascade    
B-STDX9000   debug mode n/a cascade    
B-STDX9000   Multi (any 3 characters) cascade    
B-STDX9000   SNMP readwrite n/a cascade    
B-STDX9000 all SNMP n/a cascade Admin  
Cajun Family     root root    
CBX 500   debug mode n/a cascade    
CBX 500   Multi (any 3 characters) cascade    
CBX 500   SNMP readwrite n/a cascade    
Cellpipe 22A-BX-AR USB D   Console admin AitbISP4eCiG Admin  
GX 550   debug mode n/a cascade    
GX 550   Multi (any 3 characters) cascade    
GX 550   SNMP readwrite n/a cascade    
M770   Telnet super super Admin  
MAX-TNT   Multi admin Ascend    
Packetstar (PSAX)     readwrite lucenttech1    
PacketStar   Multi Administrator (none) Admin  
Portmaster 2     !root none    
Portmaster 3     !root !ishtar   unknown
PSAX 1200 and below   Multi root ascend    
PSAX 1200 and below   Multi root ascend    
PSAX 1250 and above   Multi readonly lucenttech2    
PSAX 1250 and above   Multi readonly lucenttech2 Admin  
PSAX 1250 and above   Multi readwrite lucenttech1    
PSAX 1250 and above   Multi readwrite lucenttech1 Admin  
System 75     bciim bciimpw    
System 75     bcim bcimpw    
System 75     bcms bcmspw    
System 75     bcnas bcnaspw    
System 75     blue bluepw    
System 75     browse browsepw    
System 75     browse looker    
System 75     craft craft    
System 75     craft craftpw    
System 75     cust custpw    
System 75     enquiry enquirypw    
System 75     field support    
System 75     inads inads    
System 75     inads indspw    
System 75     init initpw    
System 75     locate locatepw    
System 75     maint maintpw    
System 75     maint rwmaint    
System 75     nms nmspw    
System 75     rcust rcustpw    
System 75     support supportpw    
System 75     tech field    
System 75   Multi bciim bciimpw    
System 75   Multi bcim bcimpw    
System 75   Multi bcms bcmspw    
System 75   Multi bcnas bcnaspw    
System 75   Multi blue bluepw    
System 75   Multi browse browsepw    
System 75   Multi browse looker    
System 75   Multi craft craft    
System 75   Multi craft craftpw    
System 75   Multi cust custpw    
System 75   Multi enquiry enquirypw    
System 75   Multi field support    
System 75   Multi inads inads    
System 75   Multi inads indspw    
System 75   Multi init initpw    
System 75   Multi locate locatepw    
System 75   Multi maint maintpw    
System 75   Multi maint rwmaint    
System 75   Multi nms nmspw    
System 75   Multi pw pwpw    
System 75   Multi rcust rcustpw    
System 75   Multi support supportpw    
System 75   Multi sysadm admpw    
System 75   Multi sysadm sysadmpw    
System 75   Multi sysadm syspw    
System 75   Multi tech field    

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