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Open Sez Me Title Open Sez Me! :: Default Passwords

Last Updated: 2018-07-06 10:54:17 PM
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Product Version Port / Protocol Username Default Password Impact Notes
.   Multi admin 1234    
6114wg 1.83 admin 1234    
6114wg 1.83 HOME88 admin 1234  
7205APL     guest 1234 Guest - allows backup of config.bin attacker can gain all passwords
AR-6004     admin 1234    
AR-7024Wg   Admin admin epicrouter    
AR-7024WG   Default IP: admin epicrouter Admin  
AR-7064Sg+A   Default IP: admin epicrouter Admin  
AR-7084A admin 1234 Admin  
AR-7084gA   ipod admin/1234      
AR-7084gA 3.0A admin 1234 Admin  
AR728WnA19Mc04792 v1.0 admin 1234 1234  
BR 4000+ Router all HTTP admin password    
BR-6204 wg admin 1234 admin  
BR-6204WG   Default IP: admin 1234    
BR-6524K   Default IP: admin 1234    
BR-6524n   Default IP: admin 1234    
BR-6524WP   Default IP: admin 1234    
BR-7209WG   Default IP: admin 1234    
Broadband Router Hardware: Rev A. Boot Code: 1.0 Runtime Code 2.63 HTTP admin 1234 Admin  
ES-5224RXM   Multi admin 123 Admin  
EW-7205APL Firmware release 2.40a-00 Multi guest (none) Admin  
EW-7206apg     admin 1234    
LT-6408n, 3G-6408n all versions admin 1234 web administration  
Wireless ADSL Router AR-7024 Multi admin epicrouter Admin  

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