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Open Sez Me Title Open Sez Me! :: Default Passwords

Last Updated: 2018-07-06 10:54:17 PM
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Product Version Port / Protocol Username Default Password Impact Notes
B1260dn   Web Console Via IP address admin dell00000    
CSr500xt   Multi n/a admin Admin  
DRAC     root calvin    
DRAC     root calvin management  
ERA     root calvin Admin - Embedded remote access  
Inspiron   Multi n/a admin Admin  
Kace K2000     admin admin    
Laser Printer 3000cn / 3100cn   HTTP admin password Admin  
Latitude CMOS CPi console (none) nx0nu4bbe   Enter password then CTRL+Enter
Latitude Bios D35B Multi n/a 1RRWTTOOI Admin  
OpenManage Server Console   Console root calvin Admin  
PC BIOS   Console n/a Dell Admin  
Powerapp Web 100 Linux     root powerapp   RedHat 6.2
PowerConnect 2708 admin (none) Admin  
PowerEdge 1655MC     admin admin Admin  
PowerEdge 2650 RAC   HTTP root calvin    
PowerVault 35F     root calvin    
PowerVault 50F     root calvin    
PowerVault TL-2000/4000   http:// Admin secure    
Remote Access Card   HTTP root calvin Admin  
Switch PowerConnect     admin admin Admin  
TrueMobile 1184 Wireless Broadband Gateway Router unknown HTTP admin admin Admin  
TrueMobile 2300 Router     admin admin    
Winterm     (none) Fireport    
Winterm     root wyse    
Winterm     VNC winterm    
Wyse Rapport     rapport r@p8p0r+    

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