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Open Sez Me Title Open Sez Me! :: Default Passwords

Last Updated: 2018-07-06 10:54:17 PM
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Product Version Port / Protocol Username Default Password Impact Notes
Familiar Linux   telnet/ssh/con root rootme Admin  
Insight Manager     administrator administrator Admin  
Insight Manager     anonymous (none) User  
Insight Manager     operator operator    
Insight Manager     PFCUser 240653C9467E45 User  
Insight Manager     user public User  
Insight Manager     user user User  
Management Agents     administrator none   All
Networth FastPipes   Console root manager    
PC BIOS   Console n/a Compaq Admin  
T1010   Multi <no default> use ALT+G at boot to reset config @<ALT><G>  
WBEM   HTTP 2301 / HTTPS 2381 administrator administrator Admin  

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