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Open Sez Me Title Open Sez Me! :: Default Passwords

Last Updated: 2018-07-06 10:54:17 PM
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Product Version Port / Protocol Username Default Password Impact Notes     guest  
Belkin_N+_61F980   Password Belkin_N+_61F980      
F1PG200ENau (none) admin Admin  
F1PG210ENau (none) admin Admin  
F1PI241EGau (none) admin Admin  
F1PI241ENau (none) admin Admin  
F1PI242EGau (none) admin Admin  
F5D5231-4 n/a (blank) Administration  
F5D5630au4 (none) admin Admin  
F5D5730au or admin password Admin  
F5D6130   SNMP (none) MiniAP Admin Wireless Acess Point IEEE802.11b
F5D6231-4 Router     (blank) (blank)    
F5D7150 FB Multi n/a admin Admin  
F5D7230-4 or Administrator (none) Admin  
F5D7231-4 n/a (blank) Administration  
F5D7234 4V1 1002   insight_wifi_1902 lgibson5405    
F5D7630au4 (none) (none) Admin  
F5D7633-4 (none) (none) Admin  
F5D7633au4A (none) (none) Admin  
F5D7634au4A (none) (none) Admin  
F5D8230-4 (none) (none) Admin  
F5D8230-4 (blank) (blank) Administration  
F5D8231au4 (none) (none) Admin  
F5D8232-4 (none) (none) Admin  
F5D8236au4 admin (none) Admin  
F5D8632au4A (none) (none) Admin  
F5D8633au4A (none) (none) Admin  
F5D8635au4A (none) (none) Admin  
F5D8636au4A (none) (none) Admin  
F5D9230-4 admin admin    
F5D9230-4 user: (blank) Administration  
F5U025 USB Flash drive       1111    
F6D4630au4A (none) (no default - user required to choose a password on setup)    
F7D1301 v1 10011zb belkin.3ebc d4bba6ec root  
F7D2401au (none) (none) Admin  
F8T030 Bluetooth AP     guest guest   Bluetooth passkey: belkin
N300 Wireless N Router all versions belkin.f5c none admin none
P74476au admin password    
PRO 3 KVM switch   Console admin belkin Admin  
Wireless ADSL Modem/Router   Multi admin none Full  

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