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Toshiba Default Passwords

Welcome to the Toshiba default passwords page.

Before you open a ticket with Toshiba tech support, see if your device or software is in this list. Check the Access Method column to make sure your access method is correct, then try the given default username and password. For the defaults to work in your Toshiba device or software, you may need to reset the device or reinstall the software, either of which could cause data loss, so be sure to have backups before you proceed! It's a best practice to have a regular backup schedule in place before disaster strikes!

Last Updated: 2024-06-10 9:40:52 PM
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Product Version Access Method Username Default Password Impact Notes
Toshiba e-Studio     admin 123456    
Added: 2016-10-31
Toshiba eStudio All versions http:// admin 123456 admin  
Toshiba IP Cameras all   root ikwd admin  
Added: 2024-06-09
Toshiba Most laptops   console   n/a CMOS Hold left shift key during boot to bypass CMOS password
Toshiba PC BIOS   Console n/a 24Banc81 Admin  
Toshiba PC BIOS   Console n/a Toshiba Admin  
Toshiba PC BIOS   Console n/a toshy99 Admin  
Toshiba PC BIOS notebooks Floppy Drive   4B 45 59 00 00 Admin If the first 5 bytes of sector 1 of a floppy in drive A are 4B 45 59 00 00 then you can bypass the password by hitting enter when prompted for it (yes this is really bad).
Toshiba Toshiba 8000 Laptop   Multi n/a (none) Admin  
Toshiba TR-650     admin tr650   V2.01.00

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